Summer Group Show

Currently featuring Eric Roux-Fontaine, Benoît Trimborn, Albert Hadjiganev, Patrick Pietropoli, Michel Delacroix, Beth Carter. More details →

Upcoming Exhibitions

Xavier Rodés : Oct 11 – Nov 2, 2014

XR 051 The red one 15.75x15.75

Following the success of Xavier Rodés’ solo show at our sister gallery in Boston last year, Axelle is excited to present his new collection to New York City this fall.

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Goxwa “THE PAST MADE PRESENT” : Nov 8 – Nov 30, 2014

GX 254 Blue Grotto 35x46.5

This fall, Axelle Fine Arts Galerie New York will host Maltese artist Goxwa’s tenth solo exhibition.

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Francois Anton : Dec 6 – 31, 2014

FA 006 Le Roman d'un gourmand 32x25.5

This winter, Axelle New York will host a solo exhibition of works by mixed media artist François Anton. Anton’s mix of satire, humor and wit define his unique oil on canvas pieces (which often incorporate gold leaf and collage).

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