Yves Crenn

b. 1969 Vernon, France


Yves Crenn was born in Vernon, France in 1969. He began painting in 1985 following the tragic death of his brother; the creation of art serving as an outlet for his sorrow. Five years later he enrolled at Les Beaux Arts de Rouen where he studied oil painting and drawing. His talent was recognized early on and he was asked by his professors to represent the school in Germany by participating in a large group show in Braunshweig. This was the beginning of a long career professionally exhibiting his work throughout Germany and beyond.

In 2003, Crenn began working with dry pastels and watercolor to create the unique textures that define his current work. These serene, harmonious paintings are a perfect combination of precise draftsmanship and free brushstrokes. He uses muted, natural tones that compliment the delicate nature of works on paper.His first solo exhibition in Rouen was met with high acclaim from critics. More than just conveying beauty, there is a strong emotional presence in his paintings. Artension quite accurately describes Crenn’s work as, “an expression of an individual interior need.”

1990 Les Beaux Arts de Rouen

2013 Face Cachée, Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2013 Variations, Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2013 Summer Group Show, Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2013 Spring Group Show, Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2013 Winter Group Show, Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2011 Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, New York
2010 Art London
2010 Panorama Museum, Leipzig, Germany
2009 Art Karlsruhe, Galerie du Fleuve, Germany
2005 Galerie du Fleuve, Paris
2004 Galerie Daniel Duchoze, Rouen
2003 La Mémoire d AREA, FRAC Basse-Normandie, Deauville
2000 Dessins, Galerie Daniel Duchoze, Rouen
1998 Le Printemps de Bresle, Galerie Daniel Duchoze, Rouen
1997 Travaux sur papier, Galerie Daniel Duchoze, Rouen
1996 Diplômes 96, Galerie des Beaux Arts, Rouen